Cullen Skink World Championships 2018

2018 Results
Lynne Watson, owner of Lily’s Kitchen Cafe in Cullen is the 2018 Cullen Skink World ChampionIan. IanWatson, co-owner of the Cullen Bay Hotel in Cullen is the 2018 Cullen Skink with a Twist Champion.

2018 Winning Recipes
Winning Traditional Cullen Skink Recipe by Lynne Watson, Lily’s Kitchen Cafe, Cullen.
Smoked Haddock
Salt & pepper.Winning Cullen Skink with a Twist Recipe by Ian Watson, Cullen Bay Hotel, Cullen.
Smoked haddock, smoked on site using whisky infused wood chips
Local potatoes and onions
Graham’s Dairy Milk and Cream
Cullen Bay Shrimps
Cullen Bay Lobster
West Coast Scallops
Spices and Seasoning